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Our offices are comfortable and attractive — and our clients say, relaxing — and located just off the Boulder-Denver turnpike (U.S. Highway 36) at Sheridan Boulevard in Westminster, Colorado, 15 minutes from downtown Denver. For assistance with directions from your home or office, visit Mapquest (click below).


Our clients come from all parts of Colorado, although primarily from the central/northern Front Range — and we have mediated divorces filed in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Jefferson, Montrose, Summit and Weld Counties, and with parties residing as far away as Alaska, Hawaii, Great Britain and Oman.

Larry works many evenings and weekends, so the process of drafting agreements and preparing other related documents does not lag behind the process of helping couples arrive at them in the first place. Mediations are scheduled, however, from 8:00 a.m. through mid-afternoon (including appointments spanning the traditional “lunch hour”), with our latest two hour appointment beginning at 3:00 p.m.

We ordinarily schedule only two mediations per day. Because the process of mediation is a dynamic, evolving process, Larry is required to dictate detailed notes immediately after each session, and he typically prepares for each session by reviewing the work of previous sessions. This is an integral part of any final Agreement, but at present Larry does not charge clients for this work.
We generally are able to schedule first appointments approximately one to two weeks after both parties have spoken with Larry or our staff and agreed to mediate with us.

Our hourly rate is discussed on our new website,
Colorado divorce and Colorado mediation resources.

Although many mediators suggest the average time spent in mediating a divorce involving children is 12 hours, Larry is focused in his style and approach, and many divorcing couples will meet with him for only 2 to 4 two hour sessions (4-8 hours) in arriving at a complete Agreement on all matters required to be submitted to the court for its review. Additional time in drafting the Agreement and meeting to review and perhaps revise or edit the Agreement is, of course, also required. (Because of his commitment to the latest automation tools, Larry is extremely efficient in drafting. He typically completes a detailed and highly professional Memorandum memorializing the parties' unique mediated Agreement in much less time than many mediators without such expertise.)

Although not the only or even the primary advantage of mediation, mediation costs are generally dramatically less than legal fees for a traditional contested divorce. Many couples will spend less on an entire mediated divorce than would be required as an advance of fees (called a “retainer”) by a single party’s attorney, before the case is even begun. If such a case would involve one or more court hearings, depositions, or complex discovery and/or expert costs — as is often the case, the savings may be astonishingly less!

For mediation services, Divorce Resolutions® does not ordinarily require the payment or deposit of any monies in advance, but instead requires only that mediation sessions be paid for at their conclusion, and drafting be paid for at the time documents are received. Accordingly, a couple can schedule their sessions as the funds are available to pay for mediation. Because Colorado law requires a couple to wait a minimum period of ninety (90) days following filing of divorce papers with the Court, most couples find they can schedule their meeting in mediation so as to accommodate their finances.  In addition, we do accept major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard.

“Divorce mediation is my life's work, as I know that my personality and talents make me uniquely suited to do mediation that often presents with such emotional content. I believe myself to be highly intuitive, and to have a good understanding of the dynamics of divorce and how it impacts families and constrains their vision.

I have made the commitment to practice family mediation only and to do so full-time and without the distraction of assuming other roles such as litigation of divorce disputes. My many years’ training and experience as a divorce-only lawyer allows me to pass on a great range of possible approaches and solutions to my clients, and help them craft agreements that are unique to their family and circumstances, but have proven to work well for both parties to a divorce or parenting dispute.

At the same time, my skills with modern computer tools allow me to present parties with valuable tax planning information to consider with their accountant, tax advisor or counsel. These same skills enable me to professionally package the capstone of my clients’ work — their written Agreement — with language and approaches that will meet with the approval of a reviewing judge or magistrate.”  —   Larry



The office is warm and comfortable and clean. It gave me a feeling of instant confidence and credibility from the first time I went to see him.
— J.D.

Divorce Resolutions® is a relaxing, non-confrontational environment to work in.
— M.H.

I was very comfortable not only because of the surroundings but also Larry's ability to have such a calming effect on both of us.
— K.B.








It was nice to be able to settle everything from your office. Kind of like "one stop shopping." To me, that was the greatest feature of using this process and your service. I was really tired of running around and not getting any closer to the settlement due to lawyers who seemed unnecessarily to complicate the issues and prolong the case for financial reasons. I could have saved a lot of money by using  Divorce Resolutions® first. I have recommended to a number of friends.
— A.W.

Being aware of what a financial disaster divorce can be, the cost of our mediation seemed minimal. I feel that my relationship with my ex-wife is much stronger because mediation does not profit by creating division the way separate attorneys would.
— P.R.




If you are looking for a faster, less expensive and non-confrontational process to resolving your divorce-related or child support matters, I would highly recommend that you contact Larry  before you start the litigation process.


Larry was very knowledgeable in all matters of our divorce. He tried to be fair to both of us and the children and I wouldn’t have as satisfactory a settlement without his process. He was very good at keeping things under control. Larry was also skilled at helping us see the situation from our spouse’s point of view.
— H.W.

I do not hesitate to recommend Larry for others going through divorce. It was a positive experience with lasting positive consequences for ourselves and our children.

Questions I had relating to our divorce, especially our children, Larry answered with genuine concern. He helped us consider how much our taxes would help or hurt our outcome and guided us in arriving at a workable solution for both households.
— K.B.

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